Smitten With The Magnepan LRS

MY Magna Risers (Multi Riser Mk 7) arrived on Saturday (Ordered Feb 22). While I was expecting a spectacular piece of kit, I was completely bowled over by the incredible craftsmanship, unbelievable packaging—lovingly and carefully packaged. What a treat to do business with Robert and Shauna.
My Maggie LRS’ (ordered Feb 16) are finally en route from Minnesota as we speak, and come Friday afternoon I will begin my long “week” of testing and speaker placement. My wife will be away from home for a few days in early August (when all should be broken in) and I can give the system the listening that it deserves, at the volume it requires!
Stay tuned.


Agree wholeheartedly on Robert and his products.

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Yes, opening the MagnaRiser box is quite a treat. The original stands have a tendency to flap in a disconcerting way, and MagnaRiser fixes that. I frequently listen to music while cooking and Rob recommended some inexpensive shims from Home Depot to achieve the 6 degree tilt.

I haven’t found the LRS to be that fussy about placement. The main thing being away from the back wall, but that’s true if most speakers.

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Good luck with the Maggies and the new risers. You definitely will hear the difference when you get them off the floor and stiffen them as well. As these stands are fairly tall, be sure to keep your ear on
level with the center of the diaphragm. I think this is where they sound best but I could also be drinking my own bath water.

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Thanks. Following Robert’s advice I am going to start with OEM stands for a while, and then bring in the Magna Risers. Final placement etc., will happen when the speakers are all burnt in with the Risers.

To follow up on my earlier comments. I most often listen to music while cooking. I have it arranged so the kitchen is in the middle of the soundstage. In doing so, I’m standing up. Robert had suggested using plastic shims from Home Depot to achieve a tilt so that my head would be in the middle of the LRS/MagnaRiser sound field. I found the shims a bit wonky. However, 2/3” thick felt furniture sliders have been perfect. Put a Herbie slider under the back of the MagnaRiser. And then 2 felt furniture sliders under the front of the stand to achieve a 3 degree tilt, or 3 sliders for a 6 degree tilt. The results have been great, amazing. And it’s easy enough to slide the speakers around. And that’s my MagnaRiser cooking hack!

My Magnepan LRS’ arrived on Friday, safe and sound (pun intended!) After an hour to remove my old speakers and assemble the LRS’ I was in business. Aware that I had simply placed them close to where my old speakers sat, and that they were straight out of the box, I was nonetheless simply blown away by the sound. These are stunning instruments that so far have exceeded my expectations for them! Even my wife loves the sound, and finds them very attractive too.

I have about 15+ hours on them and have made a few tweaks to their placement; they now sit on factory stands about 50” from the front wall, no toe in and with the tweeters on the outside. When my wife leaves this weekend to visit our daughter for a couple of weeks I will put on the Magna Riser Mk 7 stands, work on seeking the best sound and listen to them at the volumes they were designed for! Even now, the soundstage is wide, deep, transparent and authoritative. Piano and strings especially sound absolutely amazing.

It was well worth the wait for the LRS’ and Magna Risers; about 22 weeks, but with frequent and informative correspondence. To have something individually crafted, and not mass-produced by faceless “workers” is a real honor. Both Magnepan and Magna Riser do great work and my thanks to all involved.

Robert and Shauna Raus are amazing to work with—such passion! Eric at Magnepan is quite the character and so helpful. After I sent him a thank-you email this morning I got a call from the legendary Wendell Diller (Maggies longtime head of sales, marketing, and product development) we talked about lots of things for over an hour!

PS Audio, Magna Risers and Magnepan—three of a kind and ever so dedicated.


Haha. Nice! Wendell is awesome.

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Fabulous!! Congrats. They are remarkable speakers. I initially experienced them with a Hegel H90 amp and a Border Patrol SE-i Dac. Have since upgraded to the Marantz reference line which has shown me yet more of how great the LRS are - spooky good. I have a few months left before my trade in window closes, during which I could trade in the LRS and get full credit towards the .7’s or 1.7i’s. The LRS sound so good, honestly see no reason to go to the trouble. At $650, has to be one the all time great HiFi bargains.


They are NOT getting my LRs’ back! NO sir!

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