Smitten With The Magnepan LRS

Good lessons from Mr @Elk.
I had LRS’s in my home for a while and they were fabulous sounding speakers. The low price is ridiculous.
I ran them with a Pass XA25, which is 50 watts at their rated 4 ohms.
I could easily achieve unhealthy volume levels ( not that I do that) without noticeable distortion.
I wish I had the room to keep them.

And that’s the trick. Is a $650 speaker that needs a $5000 amp really a $650 speaker???

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I have a Loki along with a Magni for my planar headphones. It’s ok, but I would not want it in the signal path of my main system…

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@Elk Thanks!

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You are very welcome. It is interesting stuff.

Even though we understand it, electricity still remains magical for me.


Good point. I have 1.7’s driven by BHK 300’s, and like the synergy, but it falls way short on
the tendency to put the spend priority on the speakers.

I use this for my Subwoofers in the theatre room, but it is equally adept in the 2 channel environment. You can also get a balanced version. Cheap if you ask me for it’s capabilities. Hi and low pass filters for integration of a speaker and sub 2 channel system. Super powerful DSP, used along with REW is highly recommended.
I used the parametric EQ and phase/time alignment to achieve this sub response in my room. No smoothing either. You can see the natural roll off in cross over. I did input a rise in response (aka room curve) which you can program in with REW.


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It’s a speaker with personality. I love it.

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The LRS are wonderful. Boy do they prefer to be away from the back wall. I’m finding 4’ to 5’ minimum. Big improvement over 2’ to 3’. Side walls seem not to matter.


I seriously did consider these, they certainly did pique my geek interest, but I am a on the fly / real-time adjustment kinda guy. My gear is right beside my listening chair and my sub x-oxer frequency & gain is readily available for minor alterations as new tracks require. But thanks, you’ve enticed me to again take a further look into these. I’m still tempted. Life’s too short, funds somewhat limited - but dang-it I wanna test drive EVERYTHING in the audio world out there…

My geek chair: Cocktail Audio keyboard, PC keyboard, iPad, Hue lighting switch, trackball for PC, Alexa, Harmony remote, and the coveted 45 RPM record coasters…
Don’t laugh at my grooooovy carpet - my sound room is my old childhood bedroom from the 70s… it still has a Donald Duck “Don’t Forget” light switch…! :laughing: Start building the new house next summer! :crossed_fingers:


Well, after all the talk I couldn’t resist. Just got off the phone with Eric over at Magnepan and bought the LRS for no real reason than I’ll never get the chance to check them out at a show and I don’t know anyone who has them locally and I wouldn’t go to anyones place anyway with both the pandemic and my Bone Marrow Transplant related immunodeficiency. Add all that and the ridiculously low price risk and wtf, yolo. Sad thing is, there is currently a 15 week lag on the build so looking at delivery in early March.
I really do want to hear what everyone is so on about. I am not looking to replace my Focals but more to add an option.


Haha, congrats! I’ve moved into the next phase of LRS seduction, shopping for aftermarket stands. Seems it’s MagnaRiser vs Mye. Leaning towards Mye.

Eric at Magnepan is quite a character. Ordinarily Magnepan refuses to ship to Hawaii, but I was able to talk Eric into doing it. Eric also quoted me a 15 week wait in September, but it ended up being only 8 weeks. Eric said he put a “rush” on the order, but I”m not clear if that’s what he tells everyone, or if it was an actual rush.

If he didn’t say it’s “a rush order”, then call him back and ask for it!

With a 60 day in home trial, nothing to lose for sure.


If I may chime in, justify $2500-$3000 for the JL Audio CR-1! Worth every penny and one of the best system upgrades I have done!

Got one fer sale?? :money_mouth_face:

I’ve had mine for about a month and it’s not leaving my system anytime soon! Abt electronics gave me the best price! Still expensive but what it does for my system is amazing! The CR-1 doesn’t get much press and you don’t see to many if any on the used market because it’s that good!

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I am using the Magna Riser Airborne with my LRSs and like the stands a lot. Rob seems to be a straight shooter and has listened to a lot of different stuff over the years.

I’m using the LRS with a Stellar Gain Cell DAC and M700s fed with (primarily) Roon and Audirvana streaming Qobuz and Tidal with a smaller local library of bit perfect rips and DSD downloads. Also using a pair of REL T/5i woofers chosen for the small woofer cones to help match the speed of the planar drivers in the LRS.

Pretty darned happy with the setup and I’ve owned a lot of different stuff over 40+ years.

Which Sonus Faber are you comparing to the LRS?

Cool, thanks for the input. I go back and forth between the Mye and Airborne. What was your deciding factor on the stand? I like the 6 degree tilt on the Mye. Rob said he could provide a wedge to create the tilt, not sure if that would be wonky.

Is the Airborne heavy? Attached is a photo of the Mye. I also like that the Mye supports the LRS at the top. But that big rock on the base makes me wonder if the stand is lightweight?

Chameleon T towers, made at their Italian factory. Entry level Sonus Faber. But quite good. At the time I home auditioned more expensive Revel, Focal and PSB. Preferred the SF.

I have the Magna Riser Multi-Risers with my .7s, and I agree. Love what the stands did for the sound, and Rob is a terrific guy to deal with. I didn’t feel the need to spend more on Myes, but that’s just me.

Coincidentally, I’m also using the SGCD and M700s. Sources for me are Qobuz, Tidal and network files through a Node 2i, a NuPrime CD transport, a Marantz SACD player, and a VPI Scout/Ortofon 2M Bronze through a Channel Islands Audio phono preamp.