Snowmass 1.0

Does anyone have the Snowmass 1.0 files that would want to email them to me?

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Snowmass for Directstream Junior (V1) is near the bottom of the link in the archive tab:

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I was looking for Snowmass for the Senior. I should have been more specific.


Here you go . . .

I believe that is version 3.0

I was looking for 1.0

Several people believe it sounds different than the later snowmasses


SMv3.0.0 is the original Snowmass, i.e., v3.0.0 effectively is v1.0.

It does sound different and it is what I use.



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Is Snowmass v2 actually 3.04?
Also - I can’t seem to find this anyware. My old Perfectwave tranport and dac were always limited to using ONLY 2G cards. No larger size allowed. Is that still in effect for the Directstream?


Bootzilla gives the link to snowmass 1 for DSD SR.

Hi, yes, SMv3.0.4 was the second SM release. Of the three SM versions I tried (all but SMv3.0.5), SMv3.0.4 sounded the worst to my ears. It is still available on the PS Audio download archive page here:

Thank you bootzilla BTW sounds great

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funny so I think I may have found a the vol glitch TS was talking about. If I am in Low Gain and attempt to go to 101, The volume immediately goes to zero. Was this the issue with snowmass #1?

I just set limit to 100.