Snowmass Version V2 is ready

We’ve fixed a couple of bugs and added a small set of features to Snowmass. Basically, the Bridge II update process will now work through the DAC’s front panel.

Sound quality is identical to the original release of Snowmass. We recommend all DS owners upgrade.

You can download it here:

If you paid for a factory SD card load we will be sending you, free of charge, this new release shortly.

Here are the release notes:

## Description

Snowmass V2 fixes several issues related to the communication between the Bridge and our system. This release restores functionality to update bridge firmware. This release also fixes bug that changes volume to 50 when bridge initializes. There are several other changes documented below as well as some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

In this V2 release, only the PIC code is modified and the FPGA code is left unchanged.

Paul has verified the two versions sound identical.

## Fixed Issues

  • Users couldn’t update bridge firmware on 3.0.0
  • Bridge update now displays upgrade percentage until completion
  • The Bridge II would set the volume to 50 on initialization
  • Volume level will restore to 25 on reboot
  • Locked/Unlocked button didn’t hold settings on reboot
  • Locked/Unlock button now controls Attenuator setting from remote IR and setup menu
  • Bridge II Album Artwork reloading on every song.

## Updated Features

  • Added Button on Setup Menu that Toggles Volume controls between “Fixed” and “Variable”
  • When button is set to “Variable” Max Volume is displayed to the Left.
  • The “+” and “-“ buttons will affect the Max Volume of the DSD as it has always done
  • When Button is set to “Fixed” Max Volume is switched to Fixed Volume.
  • This is the ONLY place where users can change the volume (Up or Down) while in “Fixed” mode
  • The DSD will save the volume at the time of toggling the button to “Fixed”
  • If the unit is in Fixed Mode upon power cycling it will rest to the same volume.
  • If the unit is in Variable Mode upon power cycling it will rest to volume level 25

Thanks, Paul and PS Audio!

I have been playing with this version since this morning. I have fond it works as advertised and I hear no difference in sound.


Hi Paul

Updated to the latest version of Snowmass and Bridge without any problem.

Thanks for all your work


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I don’t have a Bridge and so, I didn’t download it.

Snowmass 3.04 up and running. @Paul: THX for the Fixed Volume. Appreciate that very much thumbsup

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I predict support calls regarding this one. I’ve set ‘fixed’ 95.

I love the volume control. No Preamp for me :wink:


So if I am using a preamp do I set to “Fixed” and select the level I want ie. 100 and then lock it?

What does the “Level” button do now? Mine is on “High”


Yes, otherwise each power off will reset it to 25. High/low is the -20dB attenuator.

Thanks, Mike. Appreciate the kind words.

With all these changes, sounds like an update to the owners manual is in order.

Brodric, please give it a rest.

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When the behavior between two DMP with the same software is so fundamentally different it’s hard to understand, or to see when or where a fix might come from.

Updated to Snowmass V2 and did a full reboot without SD card, no problem whatsoever

With Bridge II still on 3.5.1 the display immediately showed the available update and decided to push the button and go for it

after auto-reboot…

…everything looks & sounds -IMHO similar to Snowmass V1- OK.

Thank you @Paul & PS Audio team :clap:


with the new version of snowmass i notice that the album art seems to remain when i switch tracks on the album which is a welcome improvement…prior the album art would show up on my roon and bridge 2 connection but then disappear each time i advanced to the next track or any other track on the album…now it appears that once it shows the album art it remains when showing when i switch songs within the album and that is a positive surprise

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Nice, no loud surprises upon first turning the unit on. :slight_smile:

You remembered to turn your amp off or your preamp volume down? :slight_smile:

Now I have to remember neither. :wink:

Be sure to disconnect any i2s devices before attempting the update.