Snowmass 3.0.5 vs. 3.0.6

My first post in this forum. It was plenty of text to read… Sorry, that´s pretty late, but maybe I can help… I come here to the sad story of mtakedamaia-eonet-ne-jp. Your post 380 and others- that was a déjà-vu for me … It was the same case with my DS Sr. several months ago which stopped the playback in USB modus after few minutes. That was solved (not) quickly: I had erroneously connected the usb cable to usb 3.0 output to the computer. USB 3.0 is not compatible with USB 2.0 input of the DAC. Anyway not in this case. After proper connection everything was fine. Maybe you should check, where did you connect the cable.

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I would like an update on the NEW code for DS. The inquiries seem to have stopped and PSA is quiet on the subject. Whassup?

I’ve gone back and forth between the very first Snowmass and 3.06 the last few weeks.

I like the first version very much, but in too many instances there’s a recessed treble that I just can’t get around. Bass is glorious and seems to enhance the midrange but . . . ultimately I go back to 3.06. I can tune my system around that and get great bass AND the treble is there where I like it, which makes for better sound staging, especially in the center.

So I’m very happy with 3.06 but will enjoy experimenting with the next “peak”. . . .

It’s coming but probably won’t be ready for another month or two.


Have you seen the Upcoming DS release thread?
I’m not taking any requests for more FPGA changes but PS Audio will let me know if there are any sound quality issues and I’ll look at them. As Paul mentioned it will still take a while to get the release ready.