Snowmass 3.0.5 vs. 3.0.6

For those who have heard 3.0.6, how does it compare to 3.0.5?
Have 3.0.5 and it’s great, but curiosity calls…

Tell us more about 3.06.
First I have heard about it and I don’t see it on the download page.

You are correct. It is not on the download page. A friend got a beta test firmware (3.0.6) from tech support at PS Audio about a week ago. He is raving about the sound quality it provides. He went from Snowmass version1 to Snowmass 3.0.6 and could not be happier - big improvement. I have Snowmass 3.0.5 now, but am curious about 3.0.6. Any help is appreciated.

Well you said it yourself there. Your friend is beta testing it. I quess not so many of us even knew that it is out already for testing. But in the future, like Tedsmith has said elsewhere,there will be new Snowmass version. Just lets wait for it.

I am hoping other beta testers will weigh in with their impressions. Meanwhile, loving 3.0.5.

I am very happy with Snowmass v3.0.0, which sounds better in my system than v3.0.4 (I did not try v3.0.5). Looking forward to impressions of v3.0.6.

I thought I had read here that Ted Smith was not involved in 3.0.5. Did he develop 3.0.6 ? Snowmass v1 seems to be fairly universally approved of not so much v2

There are two parts to the software puzzle in the DirectStream DAC. The first is Ted’s code in the FPGA. This is what makes the firmware a new mountaintop and where the major improvements come from. Ted is normally tackling big pictures improvements in how jitter is handle and how the data is processed.

The other part of the puzzle is the PIC code. This is the code that lets the FPGA interface with the screen and the other bits and pieces of the DAC outside the FPGA. It’s the mundane stuff that makes the DAC usable.

3.06 (and the other 3.0x firmwares) are updates only to the PIC.

So while Ted was not involved in 3.06, folks have still reported differences between changes only to the PIC code. This means it’s not out of the question that 3.06 would create some improvements over 3.05.

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I appreciate all posts that are informative. Thanks Schroedster.

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Did you guys add the ability to turn off pre-emphasis, that would be amazing!!

(I just thought I would throw it out there! It’s probably not on the radar)

When will 3.06 be available for all us sound quality junkies…


Yes… please, please, please add the functionality to ignore a pre-emphasis flag if its sent. There are a number of source components out there currently that accidentally send this flag. Without a way to ignore it, you’re forced with de-emphasis on the Directstream. I know Ted was supportive of such an option being added.

Will a Bridge II firmware update be part of 3.0.6?

I have a DSJr and am running Snowmass 2.01, Bridge II 3.6.17, Roon 1.6, latest TIDAL and Qobuz beta.

When streaming Qobuz/Roon over Ethernet via Bridge II, I get a micro-burst of static or white noise at the conclusion of an album.

Customer Service privately advised about a month ago that this is a known issue that is being worked on.

Will Snowmass 3.06 fix the Qobuz bug and will there be a corresponding Snowmass 2.02 for Jr?

I am curious what issue the PIC changes were made to correct.

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Where does 3.06 stand?

Any further news on 3.06?

All right, went hounding around the engineering department - 3.06 will officially launch by Friday.

@sixpack1, the fix is related to how the USB interface interacts with Linux servers.


Not yet. Still waiting…

Thank you for hounding.