Snowmass DirectStream Sr. upgrade - Available in the Downloads Section

Hello all,

I made thé update Early this morning (+1 cet).
Since then i am listening to the wonderful music getting out from snowmasss.

Update was a bit reluctant to start but once done it runs perfectly.

Firt song oscar Peterson trio « you look good to me »
Superb recordîng magnified by snowmass !!
Thé détails, the flow the chimering everything is involving and on the emotional side.

Second song « take me to thé alley » Gregory porter.
I like to play this song because of the two voices which on a poor detailed system are not distinguishable.
The sensuality of gregory is at thé top !
Music appears to be very involving, very délicate.

Background is dark ! Only thé music

And it goes on and on…

For me snowmass is the perfect mix between the musicality of torreys and thé wide range and détail of redcloud
Ted you made a wonderful job with snowmass !
It is just incredible how it sounds.
Many many thanks to give us such a musical jewel !

Thanks PAUL to make this happen and to allow us to have it for free

You Guys at psaudio are incredible !
Great job !
Here after my system


My first impression this morning is that snowmass does everything what redcloud did, but on stereoids:grin:
It is very calm and I feel, the sweetspot has widened.
More 3D.
I am listening from SilentNAS > WLAN > Auralic Aries Femto > MATRIX X > SPDIF 2 > DSD I2S > Audionet Pre 1 G3 >2x Audionet AMT II MAX > modified B&W 801 Matrix II

So now I will enjoy…
I am glad I decided for PSAudio DSD in the end, like wdysun I came from DL-II to PWD, which I upgraded to DSD.

… thanks a lot!

As always I didn’t have any problems updating the firmware. My first impressions with Snowmass are: More Details, better bass control, more room between the instruments, the stage has more depth, voices have a better focus. More or less with every DSD-update you are comming closer to a more and more realistic and natural sound with Instruments and Orchestras. With Snowmass you are able to follow every little tonal change a musician gives by plugging a sarod, sitar or guitar. Very good job indeed, made by the PS Audio Team!

I listened via DMP Redbook-CDs and SACDs. I tried the optical input also with great success. At present I could not find any problems. I would like to give DAC and me some more time with Snowmass and will come back with more experiences soon …
Best Regards,

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Uneventful install. Easy and simple. Up and running. Music is wonderful. Soundstage is incomparable larger and more defined. Music seems more relax.

Pink Floyd’s Lost for Words and Wish You Were here guitars sound amazing. So does alm the complexity of The Band.

Now chewing through the White Album new release. Sounding amazing. Bungalow Bill sounds fun (as it is intended to be).

Thanks for the beta release.

Weird thing I found is that my DS unit keeps power on again after I turned it off with my remote. Definitely different behavior compared to Red cloud. I did press “off” button on my remote for sure and a few hours later it’s came back powered on with bright lcd screen on. It happened several times today. This time I switched off button in the back of unit. :frowning: before I go to bed.

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Brilliant! Started with Bcach organ music, clearer base and great balance.

Now listening to Paul Lewis playing Beethoven Piano Sonatas. It just seems as if the timing is much improved. I don’t really understand this, I just find that my involvement with the music is deeper.

Lots more listening to come but in the meantime thanks to everyone.


Hi. From which recording is the Oscar Peterson Trio song you played? Thanks!

Just found something interesting. When changing to music with different sample rates (from 44.1 to 96 for example), I am getting what appears like a “fade in” effect into the new song. This only happens when the songs have different sample rates.

All files are .flac. playing through the Bridge II. Using MinimServer and BubbleUpnp as control point

This is from thé album we get requests

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Hi there
Can someone share with me the link to the beta version of snowmass? I would like to try it.

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I have experienced the exact same thing with Roon & bridge II

I also upgrade to Snowmass and let my system/DS warm up for one hour.

The sound improvement is substantial in terms of:

  • Cleaner and clearer sound
  • Better defined bass
  • More 3d sound
  • Better localization of voices/instruments
  • A ‘calmer’ sound with less listener fatigue

Congrats PSA with this release!

Please, share with me too, the link to the beta version of Snowmass.

Don’t think there is such a link, the beta firmware was just sent directly to some selected beta testers. If all goes well (according to reports that may be an understatement!) it is planned for a public release on Monday.

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Hi Dirk,

Is there any chance you can email me the Snowmass files?

It seems to be very special, given what I read on the forum !

Best regards,


Hi Philippe,

Sorry, as you can see from the instructions provided…‘see below’. I have been asked not to share the link with anyone. If Paul approves it then I would forward you the files…

Sorry, Philippe … “but it’s only two more sleeps until Santa arrives”…!

""Please do not share this link with anyone just yet. We’ll go live Monday morning if you beta testers approve it.

Please post your findings and impressions on the Forum I just opened for Snowmass so your fellow DirectStream owners can know what to expect.

I believe this to be the single biggest upgrade in DirectStream’s history.

Don’t forget to unzip the file, remove the files from the folder, place the files onto a clean SD card before loading.

I’ll be monitoring the forums all weekend and am anxious to read what you think.

Thanks again for all you do for our community.""

Paul McGowan CEO
PS Audio, Boulder, Colorado

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Ok no problem, I understand.



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That my friend is why this thread exists…shrewd marketing does have its intentions.

Glad that I gave the DS time to demagnetize the transformers and to stabilize over night. This is such a revealing update. It is like the hologram has become more focused and fleshed out. The depth and solidity is breath taking. Coherence seems to be the operative word. It is so easy to follow whatever musical line that you focus on. Detail without harshness. It stuns me that Ted can keep finding ways to bring us closer to the music not in baby steps but big leaps. Everyone speaks of the Bass but the sound is so much improved in every band. I have to stop typing and go back to listening! Thank you Ted, Paul and the whole team.