Soft Start Feature

It sure would be nice if a power plant could be made that would offer a pair of soft start outlets for those of us with tube amplifiers. Granted most modern tube amplifiers have soft start circuits built in but many do not and it has been my experience that these circuits do indeed prolong tube life.

From the P10 description:

High current soft start

Another protective measure found on some Power Plant models is a high power soft start feature.

The P10 has a separate high-current zone that soft starts even the biggest power amplifiers.

With a Power Plant there’s no longer any need to worry. Using the unique high current zone built into the Power Plant, even power amplifiers that might trip a home’s circuit breaker are soft started and power up as nice and polite as could be.

This soft start feature also helps prolong the life of connected equipment from large inrush currents needed to fill up empty power supply capacitors.

I was unaware of this. Thank you.

I have two big 845 tube amps that normally make the house lights dim when I switch them on due to the power inrush. The high current circuits on the P10 bring the amps to life gradually and with no more house lights dimming! It’s a great feature.

Thank you. I just took the time to read about all of the features of the P10. Now if only I could justify a power supply that costs more than my tube amplifier…thinking on it.