Powerplant P12 soft start and tube amps

Will the soft start on the high current outlet be sufficient to limit the initial inrush current of a vacuum tube amplifier? I want to use it with an Audio Research D90B (90W/channel) which has a propensity to blow up chinese made 6550 output tubes on a regular basis.

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I dont have knowledge that would help but someone here should be able to help.


I have powered good sized tube amps on various PowerPlants with no problem.

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Your question is a hard one to answer reliably.
I will say that your experience with Chinese tubes is one reason the NOS tube market is so strong.

I had the same with my conrad-johnson Premier 140 with 2 x 4 KT120’s. The soft start function of my P10 completely eliminated the occasional tube or fuse blow out. Highly recommended.

ps. Also sonically the c-j pre and power amp benefit heavily from the P10.


My MV-55 and PV10AL (Conrad Johnson) get a sonic benefit from my P12. The same with BHK Preamp and M1200 monoblocks.

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