Solar Inverters and Powerplant performance

I recently moved to a home that uses a solar inversion system to complement power from the grid. I get power from the grid when no solar is available. The inverter takes the DC and converts to AC for home application. Some where in the chain are batteries that store the power for home use. (Could it also be taking power from grid and converting?) This is my basic understanding of the system, but certainly there is more to it and i am not sure of the details.

My Powerplant Direct Stream P3 (not Stellar) is now making regular clicking and switching noises since the move. I am wondering if this is an effect of receiving power from the inverter or batteries? Are there significant voltage swings or other anomalies in this kind of system that would cause this behavior in a P3?

At this point, i am at a loss to solve and may need to move away from a regenerator.

I don’t have a PSA regenerator but my house has a solar system with a couple of Tesla batteries. Batteries are set up to be charged by solar panels but it can also be charged by the grid if you program it such a way. My batteries are programmed to be charged by the grid only if turbulent weather is expected. I have not experience any change in audio system when the power switches between solar and battery or the grid. My voltage is stable at 119.5±1v at all time. Do you experience voltage swing when you hear the clicking noise from your P3?

thank you… i am unable to detect voltage swings. The P3 display shows watts used and the voltage value manually set for output, e.g. 120v or 125v (if one prefers). Any good way to track change of voltage?

I use a multi voltmeter I got from RadioShack some years ago. It is fairly constant regardless of where power is coming from. I don’t see a significant change in voltage switching from the grid to battery.

Are you using the PS Audio Power Play which displays voltage and other data? I have a P12 and a PV Solar array, but no batteries and the data shows that the voltage is definitely supported (higher) when my PV is at full output (mid-day on sunny days). Theoretically, the re-generators should not be affected by normal voltage variations from the grid, PV Solar systems, etc. However, if there is a problem with the electrical wiring, connections, grounding, etc in your home associated with the inverters, that could cause a problem with your P3.
I recommend you contact PS Audio service.

I have a 10,000 watt Solar System consisting of 3 Arrays that utilize a Fronius inverter. Not all Systems have battery backup. The system creates power while the sun is out with excess of what you use going out to the grid. At night the system shuts down and you draw power from the grid. I saw one of Paul’s video where someone asked whether one could utilize the DC produced by the system to power a power plant. The answer is definitely No! My system produces 570 Volts DC which varies according to the sunlight level. The Fronius inverter does the work of creating the AC guarding against dropouts and low voltage swings. My P 15 cleans and regulates the power for my system. High Voiltage DC is very dangerous. No one would want that traveling around their home. I would like to consider a back up battery but they are very costly and do not have long life, usually around 10 years. The Solar system locks onto the frequency of the grid which also sets the voltage. Commercial power in my area usually runs around 124 volts AC with around 3.75% THD. With the power plant I get 120 VAC at .1% THD.


plus one for this warning. don’t feck with it unless you really really know what you are doing.

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