Somethin' else 1958 jazz album by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones and Art Blakey

Good day music lovers;

I had found some hdtracks mono version and a dsd 256 version :grinning:;

Im going to compare the 2!

Wich version do you prefer as the best? mono or stereo?

I see that today a original mono version goes for €2,100.00 :face_with_peeking_eye:

There is also a 4 single side lps for €998.00 :face_with_peeking_eye:

dsd 256 version; wonder were do they get the master tapes?
24 bit version, i dont know if this is in mono or stereo?

for me this is the greatest jazz albums of all time; period!!
Recorded in March 9, 1958, Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey;

with one of the greatest jazz musicians ever:

Cannonball_Adderley [alto saxophone
Miles Davis trumpet
Hank Jones piano
Sam Jones bass
Art Blakey drums

feel like better you can not get!!


:smiley: :thinking:

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First my bias is vinyl in comparison to digital, and my favorite version of Somethin’ Else is my Music Matters SRX vinyl reissue. I haven’t heard the high resolution digital versions, and thus have no opinion.

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I’ve got the 45RPM Blue Note limited reissue. (As part of that bigger set.) Steve Hoffman remaster.

It does sound wonderful.

I have these two Cannonball albums ripped as DSF files. Sounds terrific.

I have this one, mono mix. . . for digital sounds excellent.

Got both LPs. Things Are Getting Better is amazing!

I jump between the Music Matters 33 RPM and the Classic Records Clarity 45 RPM single sided mono boxset you mentioned. Usually I’m a stereo listener, but this mono also has its charme. Fantastic music.

I also have 3 relevant digital versions (AP and Esoteric DSD and Mofi 16/44), but they have no chance against the vinyl.


I once tried one of the HDTT and wasn’t impressed…will try to get a hold on the Adderley shortly and compare with the other DSD ones for pure interest.

The AP 45 RPM (same mastering as the AP SACD) he mentioned in the review is clearly inferior to the MM and Classic Records LP’s, if certainly still very good.

Well, may not be worth to make that comparison again…it seems the sources of HDTT are doubted and the missing tape noise on some releases suspicious of Dolby use or digital processing (but that’s just guessing in some forums). I think if they’d be really great, we would read more about them.



i now comparing 3 versions

the sacd is at very low volume level, and sound like litle vailed compared with the hdtracks that sound more presence and dinamic; if i compare the hdtrack 24bit 192 version to the Tape Transfers dsd 256 version, the dsd 256 sound more, like a “reel to reel tape” kind of sound, i feel the music of this 256 dsd version sound more real to the recording, than the other 2 if you ask me!

And it has that missing “real” presence than the sacd dont have;

The hdtracks have just litle more echo; i guess is the eq remastering of the studio, the hdtrack version sound more mono when comparing to the other versions, because it have a more instruments to the center;

But honest this dsd 256 version is so marvelous in so kind of way!

So for now my nr1 choice is this 256 dsd version, nr2 is the sacd and nr 3 is the hdtrack version.

The hdtrack version can be prefered when listen to headphones at very low volume;

about volume the hdtrack version has the most high volume, the volume of the 256dsd is second place and the sacd at third place (just litle more lower than the dsd;

even when both the sacd and dsd sound more cool with that kind of cool dsd analogue sound, they differ;

the dsd sound more like a direct master tape transfer, the sacd sound like if there were something betwen maybe is the dsd to dxd to dsd stuff?

Even if the dsd 256 sound like you are listen direct to the master tape, dont spect that you are going to listen to the master tape, at home with a very good reel to reel;

but it is very close it feels like this dsd 256 version is a Master tape direct from the studer to the computer :thinking: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

March 9, 1958 was this album recorded so im planing to listen all the tracks of the album next week 9 march then;

ps. Tape Transfers have a 15 % discount today when buying this album today;


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ps. 2 i listen to this today with a cohiba and i was dancing :grin: