Sonos Faber Venere 2.5?

Im about to pull the trigger on the Sprout. Love the Bluetooth, Phono (sorry vinyl) stage!, clean simple design.

But what are the thoughts on pushing the SFs? I have had them a year and now moving into a house where i can take them into their own room and off the Home Theater system.

Thoughts are appreciated


OK, silly me!! Ive been reading thru the forums and i just came across the video of the Sprout pushing those amazing towers!

wow wow

so i guess i will refine my question to “can they push them” to “has anyone heard them push them and have impressions?”

i believe i will be ordering tomorrow regardless!



Hi Jason. I haven’t tried the Sonus Fabers but the Venere 2.5 should be fine with Sprout. Let us know what you think.