Spades too small

There are multiple places on-line that you can buy both versions of the screw on bananas to replace the spades. Several on Amazon if I remember correctly from authorized dealers. You can also order sets of eight directly from Wireworld for $48 or $64 depending on if you want gold or silver.

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@dawkinsj Happy :cake: Day! Thank you for all the solutions and useful suggestions! Much appreciated.

Silly question, but if you use the sub for bananas, how do you connect the speakers?

I use the bare wire connection. No issues.

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What’s a better connection Bare wire or spade?

I’m currently not getting sound out of one sub with bare wire

Hard to say if one is ‘better’. Spades or any kind of termination other than bare wire would be a good choose if you’re planning to make changes or move equipment around or swap out frequently. If your not planing on doing that bare wire clamped down on the binding post is going to be just fine.

As for sound quality? :man_shrugging: who knows, I guess only your ears could say for sure.