Speaker Cable Recommendations


B&W 800 series IMHO


I agree! After much debate, I decided to buy the Sopra 2’s. I should have them sometime between Christmas and New Years. So much for waiting until the spring and Axpona! I appreciate all of the suggestions that were provided; I researched every one of them.


Have you got your speakers yet?


Yes, I received them around the holidays and they are breaking in nicely. I’m loving the huge sound stage and the excellent detail, the mid-range is stunning. They are definitely a step up from the 1028be’s. I plan to buy the IsoAcoustic GAIA I’s next week and squeeze out even more performance. As much as I love the Sopra’s, I have to say, I’m intrigued by the photos of the new PSA AN3’s. I’d love to hear a pair of those at Axpona this year. I could only imagine the conversation with my wife if I told her I want another pair of speakers. :grinning:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I was quite impressed with the Sopras when we showed with them at RMAF a few years back.

We’ll make sure we have a set of AN3s ready for you once they launch :stuck_out_tongue: