Speaker cables what are you using for your system?

My Sonus Faber Olympica III’s are bi-wired with Kimber Select 3035 for mids and highs and Kimber Monocle XL for the bottom end driven by PSA M1200’s.

My Aerial Acoustic 7B’s are wired with : Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus, 6N Silver. Great detail and huge soundstage.

I did not compare the SPTPC and TPC directly but the difference to me was quit dramatic between the SPTPC and OFE. The presentation of the OFE on my system was too dark and laid back. Bob has been generous in getting out demo cables of all the variants. What’s to loose, unless an extra grand is not in the cards.


paul172 - I don’t understand why you don’t tell people what you need, e.g. biwire or single, lengths

For my system I’m looking for single wire 4’ to 6’ length I plan on moving my mono amplifiers (currently M700’s) closer to my speakers currently I use 8’ cables. I feel the 50% reduction in length and the improvement in cable quality along with moving the amps away from the preamp/sources will be a huge improvement to my system.

I’m currently using Audioquest in my system and I’m very pleased with the results. Right now the front runner for my system is AQ Thunderbird Zero.

Have you thought about these being sold by a member here. I have got to admit I don’t need them but want to buy them anyway. I am struggling to resist:

Iconoclast OFEs.
26 ft runs from M1200s to Dunlavy Audio Labs SC IV. A.s

I’m using Siltech Prince.


No I haven’t. Not familiar with that brand but they look nice.

Wow 26’? That’s a long way! I’d like the M1200’s to be my next step up on the amplifier food chain!

Yeah, @Paul and others rate the MG Audio brand highly and use it for shows (and I think the music rooms), that is an older model but it looks in fine condition and I am sure it is very nice. I have a set of their copper interconnects.

No speaker cables up until now as all the loudspeakers in my big rig and throughout the rest of the house are either ATC actives or old Meridian actives.

However, the times are a-changing. I’m just in final preparations of adding 4 new passive “installation variant” ATC SCM12i monitors to the man cave ceiling for Atmos duties. I’ve bought 150’ of bulk Furez FZ124AS 4x12 gauge bi-wire OFHC speaker wire and Cardas spades to wire these up with.


Since I have a mischievous nature I have to state that on both my systems I use 2m lengths of stock 4mm2 OFC copper (about 11 AWG I think). Very happy with them. Ducks and runs.


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I wasn’t going to, but since you have -

I use “Truck Low Tension cable” - fat (over 3 mm^2) multi-stranded copper cable - worked great for many years (since I snarfed a goodly portion of it when installing 2 way radios on bin wagons and Welsh Water Board vans as a living for a short while).


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Cardas clear bi-wire between a Mastersound Evolution 845 and Verity Audio Sarastros.

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