Speakers to hold on to regardless

How about speakers we wish we’d hung on to? To this day I miss my original Aerial 10Ts. A bit polite in the top end (which had been noted in the professional mags), but oh so sweet midrange. Plus bass extension and power from the passive bass module I have never replicated since. Wall shaking when the material called for it.

ZU Audio Soul Supremes. Keepers.


I actually have two pair of speakers that i will continue to hold onto. The first pair is the Polk sda2a which I did all the Polk recommended mods to, and the second pair is the apogee duetta 2. Both pair image great, the apogees sound more detailed, but the polks with all the mods sound excellent and have better low end slam, they measure down to 15hz.

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Yes I believe that was the price for the Met 7s. If I remember correctly the RH Sub with crossover was $450. Keeping the frequencies below 100Hz out of the Met 7s made a huge difference. That was my first foray into the audiophile world. The Met 7s replaced Marrantz Imperial 7b speakers and around the same time CJ PV5 and MV50 replaced the Technics 65 watt receiver. First bite of the forbidden fruit.


A good way to start the hobby!

Do you still have the PV5 and MV50?

I held on to them for a long time after I moved on but traded them to Uncle Kevin @Upscale along with some other pieces for the PSA BHK 250 amp which I am using now.