Speakers Genesis 1.1


Looks like an amazing system. Can you list the gear you are using?

What part of the world are you located?

You should have BHK 300’s as your amps since Paul developed them on his IRSv.

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Yes, indeed, this is a beautiful pair of speakers I remember them well. I see you have Audio Research equipment and that's great - though if you do have a chance to audition a set of BHK I'll bet you'd be pleasantly surprised how much better they'd sound.

You should submit your system to Copper magazine. We’d love to publish the picture and details of your story. Just email us at systems@psaudio.com

Not the same pair as in these pictures but a Genesis 1.1 pair has just popped up on Gumtree (local equivalent of Craigslist ) for sale in Perth, Western Australia. There is some interesting history as the seller mentions that Paul personally installed them.


For sale is the massive Genesis 1 full range speaker system considered to be one of the very best in the world by all that either have them, or heard them,

They originally cost over $200,000

These were manufactured prior to the ones currently available at http://www.genesisloudspeakers.com/ known as Genesis Prime.

They were purchased new by me and actually Paul McGowan (PS audio and co owner of Genesis) visited my house in Australia to do a final installation for which I actually have photos.

Very rarely do extreme Hi End speakers of this quality both in sound and vision ever become available at this very low price. They are Legendary, designed by Arnie Nudell and offering vast improvements following on from his famous Infinity IRS Series V.

The system is in Perfect working order but I have given a 7/10 to cover minor scuffs on the bass amplifier. There are some faint scuffs on the black lacquered custom sculpted bases that the speakers sit on. Unfortunately this happens because of the sheer weight of the speakers and the need to move them to find the optimum position

The Genesis 1 system consists of four major modules: two midrange / tweeter screens and two bass towers. Each module is 7 ft 3inches tall (221cm), is covered in beautiful South American Rosewood, and is set on / into piano black lacquered custom sculpted bases

There is also a Genesis 4000 watt bass amp for the two bass towers.

ONLY genuine purchasers need apply and they would need to bring along their amplification & source if a demo is reqired.