The first Genesis III?

Hi Paul,

I have a brief story to tell you, and a big favor to ask.

Long ago, I bought a used pair of Genesis Technologies III speakers. The seller told me they were made by Arnie Nudell’s son (David?) for an audio show. They certainly look like Gen IIIs & they have official looking plates. However, they have no serial numbers and are finished with an oak veneer, which I don’t believe was a production option.

IIRC, he also said that they were originally assembled with different woofers, but had been retro-fitted with the metal ones when they became available. I don’t know if this was before or after the show. I believe he said that he or a friend of his were personally acquainted with Arnie’s son and got the speakers directly from him. At the time, I was starting a family, so I just hooked them up and have enjoyed them for many years.

However, I’m retired now. I’m also a lot more aware of how much gets lost with the passage of time. I would love to get whatever remains known of these speakers’ story. At the least, verification of the details above would make me a lot more comfortable retelling the story I was given.

And that is the big favor I ask. I know this was many, many years ago and I can understand if you don’t go there anymore. I’d greatly appreciate anything you can share about these speakers, and would be very grateful if you would also send my request to David.