Spotify app activates DSD

I’m experiencing an issue using Spotify.
DSD is off. If I open Spotify and I select a device to play the music, then magically also the DSD is turning on. Am I the only one?

If I understand your question correctly and if you have a DS Jr, it will wake up when it starts receiving music.

I have a DSD, not a Jr. The problem is that the DSD is off, but it wakes up when I select to stream in another device using the Spotify app.

The only way I can see this happening is if you are using the Bridge, but I don’t know much about the bridge so I hope someone else may have an idea.

If you’re using the Bridge, this is a normal feature. The Bridge has the ability to wake up the DAC if it’s in standby and you start playing to the Bridge.

haha i totally read this topic title that Spotify had launched a DSD music streaming service!


Imaging that! :scream:


Me too, and was thinking I was going to join Spotify again…


Understood, but I’m streaming to another device, not to the DSD. This is the problem

If at any point the app has the Jr. selected as the output, it will wake the Jr up. In order for this to not happen, you’ll need to forget the Jr. in your output devices.

Guys, sorry for the confusion, I wasn’t enough clear on my first message :frowning:
I have a DSD Sr. with a Bridge II.
This is the simplest scenario to replicate the error.

  1. DSD Sr is off.
  2. I open the Spotify app in my iPhone. Those are the available devices. Note that the selected device is the iPhone.
  3. Now I press play. DSD Sr is now on.

If I do the forget of DSD Sr form the Spotify app, then the DSD will not wake up.
But as soon I reconnect it, it will wake up every time I’ll use Spotify.

It looks like that this is a bug on the DSD that it’s waking up even for a network discovery message through the Bridge.

Most recommend leaving the DS on all the time for best SQ, it uses little power and if you press the Dim button the remote the display will turn off and remember this setting so you don’t have to look at it when you don’t want

Unlikely this behavior of the BII will be changed at this point in it’s life

Same here.

Any fix to this problem? I’m having the same issue. Using my phone for Spotify but my PS audio DS turns on simultaneously.

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Welcome, Badjo!

Thank you for the welcome.
Update: the issue of bridge 2 turning on simultaneously is gone after updating the system. Now i’m a happy camper.

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Same here. I’m really happy the firmware update seemed to solve this issue. Thanks PS Audio!