Spontaneous DS Sr. DAC turn ons

Hi all! Would like to ask some help with my PS Audio Directstream DAC. After upgrading to SnowMass my DAC turns on every time I turn it off. Tried several times but after about 30-40 secs it turns on simultaneously
Thanks for the help!

This issue has been thoroughly explored in this thread.

You can follow the posts from this one.

You might try going back to an earlier firmware version and then reinstall Snowmass.

Do you have a Bridge II, and if so, what firmware version? I had the surprise power-on issue after I updated to Snowmass while my Bridge II remained at FW v3.5.1. I then updated the Bridge II firmware to v3.6.17 and that seems to have eliminated the surprise power-on issue.

Others have reported that the surprise power-on issue can be avoided by switching the DS to the optical input before putting the DS into standby.

Thanks bootzilla for help.I can’t seem to find the Bridge ÍII latest firmware update on the download page :(. Also if I’m gonna format an SD card what format should I do it FAT32 or NTFS? Canda lame question but wouldn’t like to screw up the update.
Thanks a lot again!

Since you are already on Snowmass, the easiest way to update the Bridge II firmware (which is not on the download page) is via the mconnectControl app for iOS or Android. No SD card necessary. Just find the update prompt on the app and apply it. Good luck!

Jsut checked the app and t says:”firmware server not available” . My fw is 3.5.1


I have never noticed that message before . . . sounds like an issue beyond your control. Definitely check the app later today or tomorrow, as there is a firmware update available for your Bridge II (v3.6.17).

On the display of the DAC near the Bridge signe it says :None

Didn’t update myself (no issues with 5.3.1), mControl shows this:

…and in mControlHD:

PS Audio build new PIC code in Snowmass to update Bridge II from the DS display (as far as i understand), should be available in the download section today or tomorrow…

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Well, that is a different issue, and it might explain the message you are getting from the app. I suggest rebooting the DS with the rear toggle switch. If that does not work, perhaps contact PS Audio customer support.

I’ve tried both mcontrols neither one is letting me tomupdate!

Bootzilla you were so right about the sound quality with is2 interface. Bought a spdif as yours connected it with a WW platinum hdmi and was blown away!

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Looks like mControl recognizes your Bridge in contrary to the DS itself…
Display should look like this:

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Well bootzila was right . I turned it off and on and everything went flawlessly! Hope the spontaneous standby on/off issue is gone!
Thanks a lot for help guys!:pray::pray::pray:

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Great news, thanks for the update! It is a cliche, but sometimes power-cycling is all it takes!

One more question. Is you DAC displaying the album art? I left a FAT32 formated SD card in the slot and it displyed the album art for 1 or 2 songs and then it disappeared. It is not bothering me so much as for me the sound is more important but was wondering …

I and some others have found that album art is still sketchy on Bridge II firmware v3.6.17. It is annoying, as album art worked pretty well with firmware v2.9.14. I mostly listen using the I2S input these days, and my DS screen is almost always off no matter what, so lack of album art is not a big problem for me.