Sprout 100 as a pre-amplifier

I just recently put together a new system. I’m using a new Sprout 100 (acting as a pre-amplifier) connected to PS Audio M700 dual mono block amplifiers. Is this a bad setup? Am I wasting the M700 's? The setup actually sounds pretty good, to my ears.

I did the same as I began building my system and I never ran into issues. It definitely isn’t utilizing the M700s to their full potential but it does sound better than the onboard Sprout amp. I eventually added a Stellar Gold Pre and then an DSD MK2 and a Stellar Phono. Every addition was a giant leap but I appreciated my time with the sprout for what it was. It was certainly a gateway into the world of “Hi-Fi”

I gave my son a Sprout a few years back… he loved it. I later upgraded my M700’s to a Vitus Integrated and sent him the 700’s and he uses the Sprout as a per-amp. He is super happy with it!