Sprout100 as a preamp - Questions

This topic has been discussed before on this forum so I know the Sprout100 can be used as a preamp outputting to another amplifier using the analog out connection on the Sprout100. I have a couple of questions…. Can I still use the sub out on the Sprout for my subwoofer? Also, Is the internal amp section of the Sprout100 totally bypassed? Can I still use the headphone output on the front of the Sprout100 to use headphones? Thank you.

I don’t think anything is disabled when using the analogue out. I’ve used the headphone amp when using as a pre

I bought a Schiit Vidar 2 to use with my Sprout 100. The sound seems less forward than with the Sprout alone. I know this could be from a number of things including my mind. I probably need to let the Vidar run for a while too. I am wondering though. If I use the Sprout as a preampby hooking the Vidar to the analog out on the Sprout, is it a true preamp? Does the signal get amplified twice once by the amplifier in the Sprout and then by the Vidar?

Yes, you can use the Sprout100 as a preamp and still use the subwoofer output. The internal amp is bypassed, allowing you to connect an external power amp. The headphone output remains functional. It’s a versatile setup option.

Thank you Sean2. Now I know the Sprout is not over-processing the signal. I spent some time moving my speakers back against the wall and forward away from the wall to find the best placing. I also removed my subwoofer. Then I added it back in and adjusted it unil I found a good level. Now I believe the Vidar 2 amp has added clarity to the vocals and the instruments. Sounding good now.