Sprout USB DAC with non-PC/MAc source, e.g. Raspberry Pi?

Hi Guys,

My first post after receiving and setting up my new PS Sprout yesterday: Delighted with it…so fantastically simple and yet it does everything and makes it all sound great!

The Bluetooth is very good too, never wanted to use Bluetooth before…but punchy and warm and detailed…a remarkable box of tricks!

I bought it principally as a headphone amp for a turntable and playback from a Raspberry Pi streamer (lossless files from a server with Squeezecentre installed)that has an attached DAC with RCA output… All works perfectly.

But I wondered if the USB input on the Sprout can take USB audio from a device other than a PC or Mac… I’ve use the Raspberry Pi with other USB Dacs in the past…it’d be amazing to to do this with the Sprout too…and would mean I could add another source via the RCA inputs…

Maybe a bit off the beaten track?

Thoughts appreciated.



Welcome to the forum! The Sprout’s USB digital input functions just like any other USB DAC so if your Raspberry PI is configured to work with other DACs it should work fine with the Sprout. Give it a try and let us know how it works out (or if you have problems).

I use a BeagleBone Black with my Sprout. Works like a charm.