Sprout 100 power-on pop

Hello, I’ve just started using the sprout 100 and so far so good, however when I power it on, my speakers make a loud pop/crack noise. I’m using active speakers via the audio out jacks. Only occurs at power on. I did not have this problem using Harman HK990.

Any ideas? Thank you.

A little pop upon start up is fairly common. It shouldn’t be loud enough to harm your speakers though. Does it seem excessively loud?

Loud enough that I would post a comment on the forums. I don’t believe it will cause damage but I am surprised that the unit behaves that way. I’m thinking there may be few ps audio customers using active speakers and perhaps the problem has been overlooked.

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I’ve only worked with a few that use active speakers. It seems most people I work with use the SE out for stereo subs. In my experience, it’s a little pop, but not something that would alarm me. Yours could certainly be behaving differently though. Any chance you take a recording and email it to me. jamesh@psaudio.com

Thanks. I’ll send audio tomorrow.

I sent the audio clip to your email. Thank you.

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I get a pop through my sub when I power off. I do not use powered speakers.
I always leave my Sprout on 24/7 so it really isn’t an issue for me.

Do you use the sub out or audio out jacks? Are your subs not powered?

I use the sub out RCA. The sub is powered which is why I commented. Sub powered = pop, passive speakers = no pop. For me at least.