Sprout New Favorite

Grogu approves.
I bought one of these for my office system. At first I thought it might be overkill, but it’s become my new favorite thing.


Glad you’re loving it! That lighting really shows off the aluminum! Out of curiosity, what speakers are you running with it in the office?

Paradigm Atom Monitor 7 and some el cheapo BIC 8" sub.
Also tried it with a pair of these Parts Express Samba speakers that I built which sound pretty awesome (build a pair, it’s fun) but were too large to fit on my shelf, so they are relocated to the workshop system.

Nice! One of the first PS systems I put together for myself was an original Sprout and a pair of Paradigm mini monitors. That was my main system a number of years. Sounded darn impressive!

Sprouts are awesome. I think some may under-value it because of it’s size, but that’s a mistake cuz they boogie…

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That’s a cool pic, how the Sprout kinda sparkles…