Sprout night in Ohio

My father was a lineman for ComEd. So that particular song got a lot of play in my life. But the depth of the catalog is stunning, even for someone who heard him quite a bit as a kid. His voice is like velvet impregnated with lanolin.

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And he was a guitar player extraordinaire! I read once that Eddie Van Halen had requested guitar lessons from him at one time.

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Wichita Lineman is one of my go to soundstage cuts. It’s huge when the orchestra comes in, on my system at least.

Not to mention John Hartford, who was on Glen’s show as well as the Smothers Brothers

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All the old troubadours are dying. Glen, John Denver, and Levon are gone. Lightfoot, Dylan, and Willie Nelson aren’t getting any younger. I don’t know who fills those shoes for us down the road. Jeff Tweedy?

Back to the Sprout. My second oldest son has the original Sprout/ELAC combo. I was at his house listening to vinyl on his new MMF 2.2 with it. It is all broken in and set up well. He even built his own speaker stands for the ELACs. It sounds great after two years. I gave my oldest my KEF Q900s and he is seriously looking at the Sprout100 to drive them. The Sprout is a unique combination of a lifestyle product with serious audio chops.


Sorry. Get me talking about music (okay, I got myself talking there) and I veer off topic like a bee towards an open Pepsi in summer. :wink:

I just like to keep it interesting for @Elk. “That doesn’t belong in audio components, that belongs in music. Wait. And everything else. And…speakers? Aw, hell.”

I have the Sprout100 / P3 / big sub combination as a desktop system. Not exactly high-end, but a very satisfactory sound. Enjoy!

You lads across the Pond are spoiled - it is affordable high end, compared with 90+ percent of systems. Put them out on stands in the room - as you likely know, they love free space.


I beer off topic too.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hidden live camera right now:


Always somebody lookin’ over the wall at you : )

Just havin’ a Bev…nothing to see here…

Too much rye, too little time.

you know I would take a Bulleit for you, bruh…

As I would you, brah. Relationships forged in fire. Or in relative comfort in front of absurdly high-priced boxes of electronic parts. If I make it to AXPONA, and I see ya, first round is on me.

Not going this year, but Darren will be there Friday.

Damn. Best I can hope for is a Saturday appearance. I have a date with three beautiful young ladies at the Daddy-Daughter dance Friday night that I simply cannot miss.

Always better than stereo gear! They’re only young once. The gear will still be there after.

Though I hear they’ll be doing a live audiophile folksinger rendition of “Sprout Night at Axpona” at the show.

Be careful what you wish for. I’ve written plenty of bad parody lyrics in my time…

Thanks, BB! I had always known I could not be high end because I lack the many expensive separates, fancy cables and power conditioners and, just between ourselves, probably lack the taste and discrimination which makes these mandatory. You have put a new spin on it. I am now ‘affordable high end’. I am absolutely delighted!