Sprout & small Dali speakers

I’m keen to buy a Sprout as I live in a small apartment and don’t have room for separates. I really like the sound of the Dali Oberon 1 (6ohm, sen 86db) and the Dali Opticon 1 mk2 (4ohm, sen 85db).

Will the Sprout be able to drive these speakers at low-ish volume? My room is quite small, so can’t really go for a larger footprint on the speakers. And I want to get on with my neighbours!

This is to replace a broken KEF LSX version 1 (the network card stopped working after warranty expired, speakers no longer connect, even with cable, expensive to repair, keen to avoid wifi products and units that are totally unadaptable).

Grateful for any advice!


Greetings Rusty. Welcome aboard!
Others will chime in with as much detail as you’d like to know. Based on my experience with different but similarly spec’s gear I think you’ll find the Sprout more than capable of driving the Dalis.


Thanks Allan. Hope to pick up the kit this weekend.

Welcome @RustyB
I would seek something with 89 or 90db

Thanks Serhan. I’ll get a chance to audition a range of speakers at the store so I will bear this in mind.

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