Nearfield Speakers to match w/ Sprout?

I was going to purchase the Sprout100 w/ either the Elac’s B6.2 speakers or Klipsch RP-600M as a nice combination to listen at my PC. I would be placing the speakers behind my desk and spaced out to the left and right a bit.

It’s close to me, about 3 feet so I am concerned if these speakers would do well being so close me and also to the wall (I can’t move them out really).

Any advice, would either of these, both of these, none of this work? Any other speaker recommendations for this type of environment setup (looking at a budget of $500-$1000 for speakers).

Thanks in advance


I had upgraded my Elac’s B6.2 to the UB 5.2s and am really happy with their imaging. I am in a nearfield setup as I sit about 2 1/2 feet away from them, but, they are also about 2 feet away from the wall.

Even though the woofers are smaller in the UB 5.2s by 2 inches, I am very impressed by the deep, tight bass these little wonders can create. I am a big one with imaging and really find the imaging, even at the nearfield, to be very good on these.

Let me add, I did upgrade to a Strata, but was always quite impressed by what the Sprout could do.

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Not heard the elacs. Demo’d the sprout with Dali Opticon 1 Mk2 and Dynaudio Emit 10. The imaging on both was excellent. The Dynaudio’s were had a very direct focus, whereas the Dali had a much wider soundstage. Went with Dali and not been disappointed. The soundstage is really good firing straight ahead, not toed-in. Surprisingly deep-ish bass, and not sloppy even near the wall. Using them in a very small room, sat between 0.5 and 3m away. Was worried that they might take some driving at 4ohm / 85 sensitivity, but this hasn’t been a problem.

I use a Sprout100 in my home gym with Q Acoustics Concept 20 bookshelf speakers and a Q Acoustics B12 subwoofer. The bass isn’t lacking with just the speakers but a system always sounds better with a properly positioned and calibrated sub IMHO. Obviously a very different application than what you are going to have but I couldn’t be happier with the performance for the price. My stationary bike and treadmill are about 4 feet from the speakers so I have spent a lot of time enjoying the music “nearfield.” The system images very well with a large, beyond the speaker soundstage. And when needed they can play very loud. The room is 18” x 24’. I bought the bookshelf speakers and the sub from a dealer online for $1000 ($500 for speakers and $500 for sub) a year and a half ago.

Good luck in your search.

Thank you Rusty, I will check it out.

Thanks, will check them out as well.

.Great info, thank you