Sprout to power rear deck speakers?

I’m currently using a cheap, bulky Yamaha stereo receiver to power my rear deck outdoor speakers. The receiver, along with airport express, is in my basement with speaker cables running to the outside. I leave everything on 24/7.

I could really use the space that the Yamaha takes up by combining a few things into a single shelf.

I have a mini plug to rca stereo cable. With the sprout I could use an extra optical cable I have.

Would the sprout be a good candidate for such? Leave on 24/7?

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Yes. I’ve heard no complaints.

Yes. The Sprout would be an excellent candidate and it is designed to be operated 24/7. I would give it serious consideration.

Should be excellent. The Sprout is such an underrated piece of audio equipment. I’ve never owned a $600 piece of gear that would actually produce a decent sound-field with an amazing sense of clarity (for the price). Not sure how it will sound out of doors.