I’m having trouble deciding where to put my Sprout. The ideal spot would require a fairly long phono cable (6.5 feet or so). But would only require a 1.5 foot usb cable. Would I better off with a longer usb or phono cable?

All phono cables seem to be fairly expensive. Nothing really under $100. Any recommendations on budget phono cables? I’m currently using the supplied cable that comes with the Pro-ject Carbon Debut. RCA to RCA cables also seem very limited. Is it a must to use a ground?

Also - I do NOT have my Sprout yet. Just planning!


I would always favor the shortest possible phono cable you can manage. By contrast a long(er) USB cable is not as big a deal (still…keep it as short as reasonably possible). As for the ground, try it both ways. Leave it on or off based upon which makes for most “hum-less” experience. If it doesn’t make a difference, just leave the ground attached.


That’s good advice. If you need a ground wire you can probably use cheap hook-up wire as no signal is being carried.


Thanks guys!