Sprout100 and Maggie MMGs?

I’m thinking about picking up a Sprout100 for my daughter to use (my two other kids are already enjoying older Sprouts that I gave them!)

My question is this: Do you think the Sprout100 would be a good match for Magnepan MMGs (the base model that they used to sell for $599). That’s what she has, and she loves them. I’m guessing it would be fine - she uses a 100WPC amp with the Maggies right now. She doesn’t play at high volume. I used to use the Maggies with a 36WPC tube amp with no issues.


PS: A little more context - she uses a sub, a turntable and a digital output from a Sony PS4. She would use it for movies and games (but still 2 channel) in addition to music.

If the MMG‘s are followers of the old SMGa (it looks as if they are), then I think it depends on where and how big the bass boost of the Sprout is ( I had SMGa myself long ago). I remember the Maggie’s as not bass shy (except deep down), so if a neutral amp makes enough bass in your room, it could be too much with the Sprout, if too little, it could be perfect. Just speaking from theory, I didn’t hear the Sprout yet.

What I read of the Sprout is, that it’s made for the bass weakness of bookshelf speakers and the boost is not defeatable.

However if it works, this could be the best sound for small money ever.

The bass-boost in the Sprout100 is defeatable, unlike the original Sprout.

Exactly. The bass boost is defeatable and in this case that’s exactly what I would do. It’ll power the Maggies amazingly well. She’ll love it.

Pulled the trigger! My daughter, her husband and kids will love it! I’ll be back with a report…

Awesome. Be sure and let us know what you think after you receive it. We’re all waiting to hear.