Sprout100 not recoginized by new Win10 machine

Very odd, got a new Window 10 Machine and it does not see BT Sprout audio device. My work machine see’s it, iPhones, Kindle, etc. and can connect successfully. The new machine connect to other BT devices like my Shure BT2 headphones.

Anyone else run into this? Ideas?



Make sure that nothing else it paired with it while trying to discover it. I would think it’d still show up, but worth trying. I’d try and unplug the Sprout for a few minutes as well. I’m sure you’re already doing this, but make sure in the computer settings you’re clicking on add audio device as opposed to a monitor or something.

Thanks for you recommendations. Turned out it was a proximity issue with the new Win10 Machine (Beelink GTS micro PC) which was limited to about 3-4 feet of distance from Sprout which is odd. Certainly seems to be an engineering oversight with their BT implementation. My laptop uses the the same USB Intel chipset and it worked fine at same distance (only 10 or so feet on other side of room). So with out rearranging my room completely, the resolution was to disable internal BT and buy a simple $19 ASUS BT 5 Dongle and use one of the many USB ports. My hope was it would have a better range and it worked! You have to disable internal BT first and remove Sprout device from old BT association. Once I did that it works like a charm.

Thanks for the update! Weird how a newer machine would have less range but if it’s working like a charm, I have no complaints! :grin: