Bluetooth Range problems and No secure pairing option


  1. I have a problem with the Bluetooth Range in the sense that it’s really poor.

I am playing from a MacBook Pro 2015 via Bluetooth to the Sprout who is at 3m away using the MusicBee app in Windows 10.

The music sometimes has hick-ups and if I stay in front of the Sprout (between the laptop and the Sprout) the music playback fills up with interruptions.

I noticed there is a bluetooth antena with a plastic cover at the back of the Sprout. Is there a way to boost its accuracy?

As a comparison I am playing from the same laptop music to a UE Roll Speaker at 6-7m with 2 doors/walls in between and it works fine.


  1. Any device can pair with the Sprout and start playing. There is no pairing mode on the Sprout. While it makes it easier for me to connect to the Sprout from my devices, this means that anyone who is in range can do the same - and that sucks! Is there a way around this incovenience?

  2. I also hear the Phono Buzz which affects a lot of users. In all other modes there is no buzz even at 100%.

Hello vali, welcome to the forum.

Your Bluetooth range does seem awfully short. Have you tried another device such as your phone to see if it produces better range? It would help to determine which end of the link is limiting the range.

Is there some equipment close to the Sprout that might be interfering with the Bluetooth? This too could be an issue. Even something in the wall or on the other side could be causing this problem. Moving your Sprout could help determine this possibility. Just moving a foor or so could make a significant difference. Similarly, your observation about being between the source and the Sprout impeding the signal is correct, flesh is an excellent absorber of 2.4GHz RF. A little detective work could resolve your issue, whether it is environmental or a hardware problem.



I have the same problem. Top of the line - maxed out new macbook pro (16 GB RAM, 1TB Flash). The Sprout is 8 feet in front of me in an open room. My computer has to be literally 2-3ft in front of the Sprout at just the right angle to not get any skipping. At 8 feet, I have periods with no skipping, but then after 30 min or so, I get skipping. I have researched this for some time, but honestly don’t know if the macbook or the Sprout, or both, are the issue. It is very frustrating. My wife has a similar macbook pro and the same thing happens to her, so it isn’t one machine.