SR master coupler or Iconoclast BAV power cords?

Pros and cons of both. Looking to go from wall to PC and from PC to amp.

SR foundation series

I’ve found the only way to know how a power cord will sound or behave is to listen to it in my system.

The SR is what 10 years old now and the BAV are an excellent value for the money, if not more. BAV you can try and return, probably can’t do that with the SR.

Good luck, let us know how you get on with what ever you try.


I’ve heard great things about the SR MC, but the BAV especially gets high marks here on the forum. I know it’s not apples-to-apples regarding your query, but I have experience with the SR UEF Blue HC (10awg) cables in my system and they are really well built and are quite ‘fast’, detailed and QUIET. They suit my system (I have three of them now) nicely, as I value detail and quiet attributes to complement my amp, streamer, LPSs and speakers, which all excel together in these areas. I currently replaced my last PerfectWave AC-12 with one of the UEF Blues on my Stellar P3, I like it that much, and I found the PS Audio cable one of the top two or so I’ve had over the years (I also had a soft spot for the late Bob Crump’s TG Audio SLVR cables).
Anyway, there really seems to be something in graphene (Cerious Technologies also delves in this, perhaps even more favorably to many over the SR range up to a point). I’m not certain what it is you’re looking for in a cable, but I’m sure either will suffice. I’d get one of each or two, try them out, and if you prefer the SR MC over the BAV, you could easily return the BAV. If the preference is reversed, I’m sure you could sell the MCs for what you purchased them used and not lose much in the experiment.

I just put BAV’s in today so far they seem a bit vailed compared to my DYI cables. Mast Couplers on the way.

The BAV cables took a few days and they opened up. I have gone back and forth and can’t hear much of a difference. The SR might have a bit more bass.