Stabilant 22

I finally decided to put to use a bottle of Stabilant 22 I had sitting in the shelf for the last year and applied to every connection in my system. That’s a total of over 50 connections… Power, ICs, HDMI, I2S, speakers, subs, etc.

Based on what I’m hearing, I think I should have done this much sooner.


I use DeOxIt products and I think it’s a good idea to refresh the connections periodically.

Stabilant 22A do help. I only use whenever a cable is replaced.
The use of pencil eraser will disclose level of oxidation on male pins.
Pipe wire brush is as effective on female barrel.
Then thin film of 22A and give it a few hours to settle then hard work pays off.

Unplugging and reconnecting alone cleans off the connections and makes one’s system sound better.