Contact Cleaner


Products that claim to enhance connections like DeOxit do leave a small residue and do seem to enhance sound quality in my experience. But because they leave residue, I wonder if the residue protects the connections long term or does it eventually attract dirt or dry up and impede the connection. Or is it best to use alcohol or other non-residue cleaners.


Caig explains their products mechanically bond, on a molecular level, to seal the metal surface, and the resultant thin film moves as the contact is disturbed by vibration, effectively re-coating the surface.

I have used it for years on audio, car and motorcycle connections, computer boards, etc. The connections have never become gummy, dry, etc. The protection is not 100% of course. Thus, I periodically go through and re-apply. The product does not build up as it contains a solvent which cleans the surface.

It is impressive stuff.


thanks for the input! i did apply DeOxit gold and heard a definite improvement. i suppose a 6 or 12 month re-application would ease my concerns.


I find simply disconnecting and reconnecting cables improves the sound, likely by breaking through a little bit of corrosion, etc. I believe DeOxit slows the corrosion down, but does not eliminate it. Thus, I periodically re-clean and re-apply.

There are other wonderful contact enhancers, but I like the Caig’s products for their combination of efficacy and ease of use.

Another thing to try is a good metal polish, like Flitz, on power chord prongs, followed by DeOxit.


good point. we used to have listening sessions where we would swap equipment in and out and i often noticed the following day when my system was back to its default state that it would sound better. make/break connections the reason? could be. then it makes me wonder if published equipment reviews are effected the same way. just moving cables will impact sound from my experience then there is the make/break contact effect as well. ah, the great mysteries of audio performance!


I’ve used Caig Gold with good results, but after email discussions with Canadian company MG Chemical, I cleaned my contacts with their isopropyl alcohol and then applied their Super Contact Cleaner with PPE. I know Caig is well-established in the audiophile community, but the Super Contact Cleaner outperformed the Caig Gold in terms of my system sound. I clean and reapply about once a year with amazing results. A can of this stuff will last most of us a lifetime.


Wow! You folks can hear the difference in contact cleaners? I’ll have to try some of that Caig stuff; I just ordered some.
I’ve been using Cape Cod polish. I find it works better than spit. it makes the metal parts quite shiny.


I have also had good luck with the Caig products.