To Deoxit or Not Deoxit! That is the question

  • Yes, I use Deoxit, or similar, on my connections
  • No, I never use any chemicals on my connections

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I do use deoxit but I wipe the residue off after.

D100, G100, G5 spray. Great products.

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Then Caig spray is hard to control. Get the little Caig bottle with the brush built in. Works great!

Or spray directly on a Q-tip or pipe cleaner.


The pipe cleaner idea was excellent! I ordered some and they were very helpful cleaning RCAs and XLR connections. The CAIG D100 red shows up nice on the white pipe cleaners.

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Chemtronics™ Electro-Wash used to be the absolute best (for Contact Cleaning for speaker wire & IC connectors, PCB Boards, etc…) … a truly no residue & oxidant cleaner (discontinued ~1991) … even could be used while equipment was in use/on …

it was PRICED for commercial use(s)…not @ audiophile sucker prices :flushed: :dizzy_face: :woozy_face:

Electro-Wash is what i used in the '90’s (don’t know if reformulated for the better)

…anyone try it?

Gold-plated contacts I merely de-grease with isopropyl alcohol. Other metals I dip in a solution of potassium cyanide and then rinse and dry very thoroughly. With advancing age I find that benign neglect is increasingly my approach. :frowning:


I use D5 to remove deposits of of my small
signal tubes and from time to time the sockets,
don’t want the grunge getting into these delicate
areas… use qt with D5 to clean tube pins…gold plated or not you will see the grunge on the qt …wait to dry them plugged in and enjoy!!

Wow. I’m surprised at the vote total. I never have done this. I guess it’s a ‘thing’.

My thoughts as well. I have some Detox but never used it. My position, in the purist world, was to stay clear of cleaners and see them as potential long term contaminates. Regular reseating of connectors would do the trick to wipe out oxidation and get better metal to metal contact. I’m open to change and lose curmudgeon status.

I just drink a good glass of vintage Port and all is good.

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