Statistics from audio shows

I was wondering, if anybody kept stats on how many demos used PS gear. It would be interesting to see how many speaker manufacturers chose to use PS source, amp, and power components
to complement their equipment. It would also be interesting to see any other brands that are chosen often, pass labs and audio research come to mind.

This is not scientific but I was at the Toronto Audio Show recently and the hands down favourite and most popular for Power Conditioning was the P20. I viewed every room and there were P20’s in more than 4 major rooms. PS Audio gear was also on display in multiple venues.

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I was at the NY Audio show this weekend. No PS Audio to be found. :frowning:

Related question: How are audio show “hook ups” formed? Over drinks at the previous show, through dealers that handle the brands involved?

Some seem to be long term relationships while others are closer to one night stands.