Stella p3 all 3 lights always on

Today, when i back home and try to turn on my stella p3, see that all 3 lights are on.

Output - solid white
MW - solid blue
Cleanwave - solid blue

After pressed the logo button to turn on p3, it can power on my dac, i cannot turn them off even press the MW button on the remote.

The 3 lights keep on again even fully powered off and on the p3 again.

Is there any problem?

Jimmy T.

Welcome! If you power it down with the rear switch, unplug everything, and power it back up, does it have the same lights on?

Tried unplug all power cables of downstream equipments, powered off and on with the rear switch, the 3 lights are still always on (white, blue, blue)

Thanks for the info. Does the P3 still power the downstream gear as expected, or is there now power to the output?

Yes, it can power on my macbook, dac, int amp.

Should I bring it to the dealer for maintenance check?

Yes, it should be checked out by the dealer. I just got an answer form one of my tech guys and they think it may be in bypass mode, so it’s essentially acting as a glorified power strip.