RCA input on DS Sr. does not work

The RCA input on my DS Sr. does not work. It hasn’t work for quite a while already. I didn’t need the input so I didn’t bother with fixing it.
Has anybody else have this issue, and is there an input board I can get and replace it in the field, or must the unit have to be serviced in factory?
I don’t think I want to spend the time and money to send the unit in, since I don’t need this input anyway, but it would be nice to have it working regardless.
My units warranty is is already up since Feb. so no warranties.
Thanks to anybody who has any input on the matter.

Unless the RCA input was zapped by, say, extended time at 120V, the most probable thing is the connector itself. The digital card is replaceable in the field (it’s one of the cards replaced in the PWD to DS upgrade so there are even written and video’ed instructions on how to do it.) I don’t know the cost of a new digital card.

Thanks Ted for the info. The input stopped working when I plugged in the digital signal from a new Oppo 205 4k player a while back. The XLR input worked, so I use that instead with a RCA to XLR adapter. I don’t think the connector is easy replaceable, and it might not be the connector since when I opened the unit to put in after market fuse, I checked the connector and didn’t see any problem with the connector. I may look into a new digital card.

Please give our tech support guys a call. It is VERY unusual for one of the inputs to stop working, so hopefully they’ll be able to work something our with you.

There was a batch of DSD’s that had RCA connector issues. Mine has pulled off if I didn’t loosen the RCA cable enough. I don’t know if this is the same issue though.

Mine also pull off. But when you push it back in, it works again, but that is not the problem I’m referring to. The DAC does not see the item that is plugged into the RCA input at all. I tried different cables and different sources and nothing work, the input is dead. Every other input works fine though. Since I’m not using this input, I’m leaving it alone for now.

It can’t be optimal using an adapter. Even though it is out of warranty, they may help you out.
Other option would be to have someone local look at it.
I have a Camelot DAC that the RCA 75ohm input is out. I too used the AES EBU input, but the source had the matching output. I was told by Camelot that it could be a resistor. I don’t use the unit anymore, but I eventually want it fixed for trade in. It retailed for $1800.

I had exactly this same problem with my DSD. Only way to fix it was a new digital board. Cost: 300 euros = aprox. 340 dollars.

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I’m only using the XLR input for video from my Oppo. I really don’t notice any difference in sound quality between that and the RCA input when the RCA was working before it suddenly stop working.
I’m using the Toslink from the TV since that’s the only output for audio from the TV, and USB from the Aurender since that is the only output that can do DSD natively, and I2s from the DMP. I still have one more I2s unused.
Maybe I’ll do as huub_maastricht did and fix it, but I really don’t want to spend more money on it if I don’t have to.