Stellar P3 + BHK250?

I have a BHK Pre, BHK250 and a DS Junior connectod to a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty speakers. I know the P3 can’t handle the full power of the BHK250, but with my 6 Ohm speakers and a small room I don’t use the amplifier to max.

Will the P3 work for my setup with regeneration?
I live in Norway and will use the 240V version with 4 outlets.


Not answering your question but that is one sweet setup.

I do have plug my BHK250 into the Stellar P3 in HC outlet and in HC mode, and I seriously doubt you can do it in the regenerated mode. My speakers are 8 Ohm, 88dB in sensitivity. The red light on P3 would often flush red - indicating it’s running close or over the limit - when the volume is around 75-78dB, per my measurement. After initial trial, I settled with the HC mode as I didn’t want to risk causing damage to the power plant or the amp. Hope this helps.

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