Which Components into Stellar PP3?

I have a Stellar PP3 on the way to replace a Detect Power Center. Currently all 10 of the outputs on the Detect are in use. With only 6 outputs on the PP3, something will have to be plugged in elsewhere. The list of components is SGCD, S300 amp, DirectStream DAC, Denon 4300 AVR, LG OLED TV, Apple TV, Turn Table, Blu-ray Player, Tivo DVR, and a power strip with a couple minor items on it. Obviously, the PSA items will go to the PP3, but which items are the most important after that? And, would the Denon be more than the PP3 can handle in regeneration mode? It is rated at 710 watts in the users manual, for what its worth. I assume that is max output value.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

You’re on the right track. All of the PS gear should definitely go in. I think the Denon won’t cause much concern for a regen outlet. Most AVRs are quite efficient and use class D amps. After that, I’d go Apple TV and then Blu-ray. The TV is probably a no go for me because it might pull too much current. We want that extra overhead for the gear. Also, TT PS don’t always like to be plugged into a regen. Specially if you’re using the MW setting which I HIGHLY suggest you use.

This is just a start and I hope is at least a bit helpful. My suggestions might change depending on the amount you use each source. If you use the DVR way more than the Apple, I’d probably plug that in there.

Congrats on the P3, you’re going to love it in your system!

jamesh, thanks for getting back to me. Glad to know I’m heading in the right direction. Since I use the AVR for the Home Theater functioning of my setup, I was concerned that if it is a bang, bang blasting action movie that, with the AVR driving the center and surround/ceiling speakers of my 7.2.4 setup, it might draw too much current. Guess I will just have to monitor it in the beginning. Also, I’m not sure I understand your comment “TT PS don’t always like to be plugged into a regen.” Is that referring to the TV? In addition, would it make any sense to plug a power strip into one of the outlets and plug some of the other lesser items into that? Or would the power strip negate any benefit of the P3?
Can’t wait for the P3 to arrive on Friday!

TT PS = Turntable power supply = a motor.

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Aaahhh, badbeef, thank you. Got it.

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You need to buy a second Stellar PP3…

I have a P5, a P12 and a Quintessence in the main system.

PS Audio power gear is great stuff. :grinning:

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jamesh, I have seen references a couple of times as to the benefit of a break-in period for the P3, but not how long. Is a break-in period necessary, and if so, how long and what is the best way to do it?