Blinking Power Light Stellar Strata

Lately, the power light on my Stellar Strata has been blinking while using the bridge function and the PS Connect app. When this happens, the Strata will not respond to anything from the remote or my iPhone.

The only way to clear the condition is to flip the power switch on the back.

Anyone have any insight in to what is happening or how to clear the condition without powering off/on?
Perhaps our goo friend @jamesh ?

As always, thanks!

Double check the app and Strata is up to date. This is the low hanging fruit that’s good to check.

I’ve noticed two things that will cause it on mine. For some strange reason, there are a few select tracks on Tidal that will ALWAYS cause it to happen. Haven’t tried those tracks in a very long time so I’m wondering if something has changed/updated. The other thing is if I try to change the volume to quickly with my phone. I think it muddies up the logic and then confuses the software. The rear switch will always solve it though.

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I have a different issue this morning. I accidentally shut down the PST while moving cables. Now it cannot read AIFF files from DVD-R disc. There is no problem when reading CD or SACD. Turing off the unit from the back did not work either, any suggestion?

Happy Cake Day @jamesh !


After I shut down the entire system including P15 for 5 minutes, the PST recovered and could read data discs again. No idea why, but PST does throw a tantrum once a while for no apparent reason in the past. The good news is sound quality remains the same.

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