Stellar Strata Mk2 Remote

The instructions given to change the IR code on the new Stellar Strata Mk2 remote are for a different control than the one that comes with the amp. The instructions call for pressing the Light Bulb button and the circular Off button at the same time to change the IR code - problem is neither button exist on the supplied remote. Does anyone know the proper sequence to change the remote IR code?

Here is the remote shown in the Strata Mk2 manual, same as the one I received

But here is the description on how to change the IR setting taken from the same manual

There is no “Light Bulb button (bottom of the remote)” or a “circular Off button (top center of the remote)”. There’s also no backlight on the supplied remote. It appears the Strata MK2 is being shipped with the wrong remote? I haven’t been able to get an answer from PS Audio concerning this issue as of yet. Changing the IR setting on the amp itself works just as described.

Have you tried using the dim and off buttons? There could be an error in the manual?

Just tried, no luck. That’s what I’m hoping, that there is an error and its a different sequence of buttons to change the IR setting. Nothing I have tried has worked.

Worth a shot. I’m sure the mother ship will have a solution. If you reached out online you might want to give them a call or maybe a road trip since I see your reside in Oklahoma.

Surprisingly no response from PS Audio

PS Audio tries but does not catch every post like this.

A much better way to contact the mothership is to pick up the phone.

Believe it or not there may be very good reasons why picking up a phone is not someone first act. An email was sent through there contact system 3 maybe 4 days ago. No response.

Why not call?

Another option is to email Paul directly.

PS Audio tech support responded to my inquiry that I received the wrong remote and that they will be sending the correct one right away.



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Bravo. Problem solved.

Replacement remote received, problem completely fixed. Replacement remote (silver) considerably different from the one received (black) with the Strata Mk2.