Strange, symmetry-related suggestion/request

For monoblocks placed side-by-side or in the same horizontal plane in general, having the glowing PS Audio standby buttons on the same side of both amps kinda bugs me. :slight_smile:

I would love to see left-right mirror images for the set, so that both are out or both are in! Or put the buttons in the center.

For those who have studied group theory, I need my mirror plane. (Well, pseudo-mirror plane, the text on the buttons would technically break mirror symmetry.)

First World problems…! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

But, I get you in general. I fuss and tweak to get things centered, aligned, even, etc. when I move kit and stuff around. Lots of time with measuring tape and looking for misalignments.


nameplates/logos will still be un-mirrored, so focus on that :thinking:

As a form should follow function kind of guy I’ve always thought the lack of symmetry to be pretty cool.