For PS Audio: Hardware Swap & Purchasing a Shell / Outer Case?

PS Audio:

Since PS Audio decided to terminate dealers, I can no longer afford PS Audio gear new. I have to buy used. That being said, sometimes you find gear on the used market in silver only. All my equipment is black.

  1. Would PS Audio willing to trade for a black open boxed/returned same item?

  2. Would PS Audio be willing to sell a black empty shell for minimal cost?




All of my PS audio equipment is Black except for my BHK Preamp which is Silver. I actually like having the preamp in Silver for the Contrast. I know everyone has different taste though.

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I do t think PS Audio will send an empty case or allow you to send in a component for a color change. I’d love to do this though and I’d like a new case for my DS Sr. DAC.

It might be cheaper to order a custom skin. Some of them look very good.

Any suggestions on which companies could make a skin? I presume that the maker would need a sample part or a properly dimensioned drawing to make a good skin.
I would like to see the option of two tone components in the stellar line. Imagine being able to choose black/silver or silver/black or one of each to make an Oreo cookie pattern when mono amps are stacked.

Any place which wraps cars could easily wrap a component.