Streaming from Cloud Storage

While recently checking the MConnect MControl settings under “Cloud Setup”, I noticed listings for three Cloud Storages: Dropbox, One Drive, and iCloud Drive. Though many are starting to use these services, and others, for backup storage, I am interested in learning more about streaming the stored files to the DSD BridgeII. I am currently using MControl with Minimserver on a NAS to send music files over Ethernet to BridgeII. My questions are: (1) is anyone streaming from an cloud storage service, (2) if so, what software program, remote controller, etc. are your using in your setup, and (3) how is the sound quality?
Didn’t find much information on this forum about streaming from cloud services so I thought it might make a good topic. Could be it isn’t possible or doesn’t work worth a darn, end of story. Appreciate any information y’all might be able to provide.