Best sub for big Magnepans

I’m sure this has likely come up before, but what would be the best subs to pair with Magnepan 20.7s?

Not like I need them… today. But when they come in, if I need more bottom end, I’d like to have a target.

Local dealer recommended JL Audio, but they seem overpriced for what they deliver.

Any ideas?

I’ve had great synergy using Vandersteen 2wQ’s with everything- including 3.7i’s. I’ve had a lot of speakers over the years but the Vandersteen’s have stayed. Some of the speakers they’ve worked with- Apogee Studio’s, Martin Logan Summit’s, VMPS RM/X, Sound Lab M1’s and now B&W 802D3’s.

I suspect the REL’s would work for you too.

Rythmik F12 over the REL’s and the current Vandersteen sub the Model 3 but it does have completely different hookup system than other subs on the market. Like cb910 I used a pair of 2WQ’s for many years with well over a dozen different speakers and after getting the crossover formula right with the amp they just work.

Still using a pair of Rel Carbon Ltd subs with my MbL 101s. They worked very well with my 20.7s when I had them. Picture attached is with them sitting next to the Maggie’s atop ASC subtraps. My guess is the Rel 812 or any model above that would mate well. The subtraps help reduce
vertical room nodes.

I use a pair of REL Carbon Limited subs with my 3.7’s. I nor any audiophile that has listened to my system can hear any discontinuity between the Maggies and the REL’s. They also allow mw to tailor the bass to my room. I would not want to be without them.

Very happy with my (1) SVS-3000 paired with my Sanders Model 10e hybrid 'stats. Although the 10e has frequency response down to 20Hz (-2dB) the sub does fill in the lowest octave more completely. The SVS also has a great phone app that allows very fine adjustment as you listen including phase. Very helpful for setup.

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I find it interesting that others use the Vandersteen 2wq subwoofers. I just traded in a pair against the 20.7s. I felt they were overly large, but there was a bigger problem.

I run a Rowland Continuum S2 integrated, with input from the DirectStream DAC. The HPB high pass filters for the Vandersteens were intended to be placed between a pre- and an amplifier, and not necessarily between the DAC and an integrated. While chasing down an issue with the Rowland, this connection came up for review and Jeff Rowland hisself did not endorse the DAC → HPB → Continuum connection.

I dropped off the Vandies the other day, and my room looks better for it, to be sure.

So, for any of the other subs that were recommended above, would I run line-out from the Continuum to the subs?

I like the idea of the SVS phone app.

The dealer who was recommending JL showed an app that worked along with a microphone that would help dial the subs in regarding room nodes. Evidently, you fix a mic at the listening spot while the subs run test tones.

I don’t know if this capability exists with other subs. Man, I gotta get with the times!

I’m not really sure how most subs connect up these days.

Here’s an image of the back panel of the Rowland Continuum S2. Could somebody educate me on the sub hookup for this integrated?


Since the amp is Class D you could go speaker level and use the supplied ground post for the negative terminals or the preamp outputs.

I have to admit that I’m not all that up on various connections, so your reply was a bit confusing to me.

Are you suggesting that I can stack positive (+) speaker cable lines onto the binding posts along with the main speaker connections, but tack the (-) lines onto the ground screw?

yep, exactly.

REL’s can be connected two ways, and there are YT videos explaining each.

If those Pre-amp outputs are variable (meaning the volume changes), then you can use those. (If fixed, then it’s problematic. That’s for recording.)

But you can use the high-level inputs connected to the speaker posts, but you’ll need cables with speakon connectors. (those come with the subs)

Connect the red/yellow directly to the + speaker post. Black to chassis ground.

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Thanks. I’ll watch the videos. I appreciate your input.