3.6.17 Bridge II update software live

We just released the latest version of Bridge II software and it is now available free.

If you need help installing the new firmware (it does not require an SD card or USB stick it is upgraded over the network) go here: https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-update-bridge-ii/

  • Implementation of MQA’s latest build
  • Fixed issue for MQA output and codec info
  • Fixed bug on sending MQA type (MQA & MQA Studio) for Roon source
  • Fixed issue on sending album image from Spotify
  • Modifying the timing of sending album image from Roon TIDAL.
  • The latest Spotify library implemented.
  • The latest Roon Raat v1.1.30 implemented.
  • Improvement in DLNA/UPnP Device Search.
  • Implemented DSD DFF playback(sending dff64 via DoP).

On my DS, it said “up to date” when I tapped the Bridge icon on the LCD display. Maybe it’s because I didn’t power cycle my DS. If I had, the Bridge would check and see that an update exists.

Anyway, I ran the mConnectHD app on my iPad and went to Device Settings, then Bridge. A notification appeared saying there was an update available. I installed it.

Update success!

More details here Bridge II update?

So far, everything works. I’m happy with the new Bridge firmware. Thanks, @Paul. :smiley:

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I just updated to 3.6.17. Album art displayed fine with 3.6.2. I had no obvious issues with the .2 version so never went back to .1. Now with .17 album art is missing. Anyone else experiencing this? I have re-booted the DS and have a clean card in the bridge.

@Paul I’m disappointed. Although I turned the DSD off and on, the update did not appear in the window (Installed Firmware 3.5.1). I downloaded the update from the website and loaded it with MConnectSetup.exe. So far so good…

But: Every time I turn off the DSD with the rear switch completely (that’s not a question of whether I can not afford the power consumption, but how to basically deal with energy consumption), the volume is rewind to 50%. I hear with a preamp and I just need 100% volume at the output. Now I have to set the volume to 100% after each turn on.

I’ve flashed the firmware back to 3.5.1, this will keep the volume at 100% even after the reboot. As it should be.

For me the 3.6.17 is not an option. How can this be regulated?


As we DSjr owners are getting our taste of Snowmass goodness maybe early next week, would you rather us wait to do this Bridge II update once we have installed Snowmass? Or no problem doing this now, as irrespective or agnostic of whatever FPGA the DSjr is running at the moment?

I had to use MConnect to update also. Otherwise, even with power cycling, it did not recognize the upgrade was ready (was previously at 3.6.2). I will be looking for the Roon playback controls to function correctly and consistently from the remote, which wasn’t the case in 3.6.2. Album art also, though I’m much less concerned with that.

hmmm, I found the same that the DAC volume was preset to “50”. I also use a BHK preamp, so leave the DAC at 90-100.

I am still getting ticks and pops playing dsd files via Roon and Bridge 2. No problem via Roon and USB.
Is anyone else also experiencing this and do you know a way to solve this issue ( maybe a setting in Roon?) ?


Update button refuses to show up… Is it a cache issue? Any way the URL used by BridgeII can be shared to confirm?

I also didn’t have an update sign after 3 times powercycling for now I have used HDconnect on my Ipad. Tapped Bridge 2 and a message appear that there was a new firmware version. Installed it and now trying out. Maybe with a little more patient it would appear in the night or so, because of the time in my neck of the wood I decided not to wait and use the ipad. Sound quality is oki doki pico bello. Covers appear. Hope the covers don’t give a problem but so far so good. Leonard made me aware of updating with HDconnect, thanks for that.


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Thanks for your detailed post Leonard.
I had exactly the same issue. Even with 2 x power cycles of the DAC, Bridge II still did not indicate an update was available.

Did the MConnect thang and now my Bridge II is up to date :slight_smile:


There’s a missing command line in Snowmass. DSJ owners are easily updating because they haven’;t loaded Snowmass yet. Connect users can upgrade easily, but the standard means of updating the Bridge through the DS touch screen isn’t going to work right away. Sorry. I’ll Mae an adjustment. It’s likely going to mean DS owners will have to load Snowmass .01 and that should be available tomorrow.

Fortunately, because we fixed the screen refresh rate on DS, changes in the PIC no longer affect sound quality in DS.


The Bridge update is not going to fix the pops and ticks. You need Snowmass for that.

For what it’s worth some connect users such as myself may get an error message “Firmware update server is not available”. I’ll just wait on Snowmass .01

Hi Ray,

There have been three issues documented regarding ticks and pops. One in the FPGA in relation to “a transition from DSD -> PCM, from PCM -> DSD, from one sample rate to another and when a clock starts or stops” which Ted has addressed in the Snowmass release. Affects all inputs.

Another is in the FPGA, introduced in Redcloud and only for DS Snr that occurs when “the absolute level of the signal (after the volume control) rises fast enough and stays high enough (within about 6dB of the maximum possible value) just the right amount of time an accumulator will overflow in the FPGA”. It’s the one where you could workaround the issue by reducing the DAC volume to ~80 or so. This also affects all inputs.

The last is Bridge II issue relating to Roon or a DLNA/UPnP player streaming DSD to the Bridge. It has been reported by many different people over what feels like a long time. This bug creates intermittent ticks and pops all through playback. Not just the scenarios above.

Because the symptoms are the same, the three issues have been conflated by many. Even in a post by Paul a month or so back.

Having said that, Snowmass has reduced the ticks and pops during DSD playback for me. Since installing Snowmass I’ve listened with the new Bridge II code installed and I still get the occasional tick/pop during playback. It’s not too bothersome now.

And Snowmass and Bridge v3.6.17 WOW! It’s like a new, much more expensive DAC.

How long should the bridge update take on a DSJ? Mine has been on the “updating” screen for an hour and 20 minutes now. Little flashy character on the second line.

Mine took maybe 5 minutes. Do turn down your volume or turn off your amp btw. When it finishes installing it relaunches the DSJ with a bit of a pop over the amp, as someone else pointed out.

Thanks, @AllenP.

I rebooted the DSJ as it got stuck on that screen. Will try the update again.

Does the changes to the Roon SDK (1.1.30) has any impact to the sound? Can hear a definite improve in sound after the bridge II upgrade

Hi, I updated my DS Sr Bridge II firmware from v3.5.1 to 3.6.17 using the mconnectControl v2.4.0 app for Android and it worked fine on the first try. Took approximately five minutes. Artwork is working well so far, including playing three tracks from my server in succession as follows: 16/44.1 PCM > 24/88.2 PCM > DSF64.

Thanks, Paul and PS Audio, for the firmware update!

EDIT: Bridge II album artwork with TIDAL MQA albums played via the mconnectControl app for Android (v2.4.0) is flaky . . . artwork appears then disappears, sometimes during a single track.

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