Sunlight: Sound Impressions

I have a couple other Bill Evans recordings I own in DSD 128. I want to get the DSD 256 to hear the difference.

Even better day two without a power down. The soundstage is incredibly well organized and composed. Bass detail and weight are as perfectly balanced as I have ever heard in my house (or, well, almost anywhere). Top end openness as well. Bravo!

Try some Terry Evans solo stuff if you’re a fan…

  • Firmware archives
  • Directstream DAC Snowmass 3.05

Next day is even better imo. Also I set my DS SR volume to 92 (as instructed by Ted).

Well done PS Audio!

I have Bill Evans Live at Art D’Lugoff’s Top of the Gate in every format from 96/24 to DSD512. I use these often to learn if I can “hear” the difference when I make changes in my gear. I purchased them here:

I was under the impression that the system is always active even in standby. It’s only truly off when the power switch in the rear is flipped.

You are correct, standby is little more than a mute and some UI stuff. The FPGA and analog hardware don’t know the difference of standby on or off.


I did not notice a difference between 92 and 100. Maybe it’s about the recordings I’m listening to.

Thank you PSA and Ted Smith. This was always a nice recording but listening this afternoon gave me goosebumps. (And yes I did also increase the volume)


It’s a nice recording. I enjoy it too.

The DAC should stay on 24/7 to keep it warmed up and stabilized, but that won’t help with breaking-in the new firmware. I don’t think it’s the firmware that’s actually breaking-in, but in my experience the sound changes for the better, the more hrs a signal is run through the DAC after a firmware update. I use a thumb drive in the PST placed on repeat to accomplish this.


It would be greatly appreciated if windom could please be added to the firmware archive page for comparison.


Wow…what a great Birthday presence Sunlight is.mmmm

May the Fourth be with You…

Thank you to all involved in parting the clouds for the rays of shine. Truly a joy to listen to all day. And many more to come.
Cheers Simon

Ooooooh, yeah. Anything Ry, but this is one of the best recordings he’s been on.

I checked and there are several firmware versions but as you said, not Windom.
Note PS Audio: It was hard to easily find the various versions since they were not in hardware product order. Like in DS Junior order etc etc.

Ted-I’m running the DS sr dac straight into my PSA BHK 250 amp and have the volume setting around 80-85 most of the time. If I change the attenuator setting, volume is around 45. Am I giving up any sound quality using these volume settings? Should I use the settings with the attenuator that gets me closer to 90 or the other setting that gets me in the 40 range? I used to go thru a very good quality preamp but like the sq going direct into the amp. Thanks

What ds needs is an absolutely new internal bridge.
Very comfortable use. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think his voice is bad either.

No crickets here. I hear them when I walk. Hmmmmm.
I have an unmolested DSD I could listen to before I try the new thang everyone keeps yappin about.
I gotta hook it up though. Later.

It’s a weird and wonderful kind of sunlight that makes it seem like I can suddenly hear everything. In combination with the upgraded transformers it’s a revelation.

Thank you, Ted and team at PSA. You should be so damn proud of what you’ve made. I’m very much looking forward to the next generation of this platform.

This makes it sound like the various DSD transfers originate from PCM DXD files:

If that is the case, should we expect the ‘native’ DXD version to sound the best? Thanks.